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kitchen designed by sunshine with the sunshine team


"Sunshine helped me find the style and atmosphere which I could not put into words or thought."


the sunshine team


A Jerusalem-based Interior architecture & design studio

We provide a full range of planning and overseeing services for projects of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to center every design on the clients ideal vision, to make thoughtful changes that you love.


The Sunshine team uses skilled craftsmen, quality materials and harmonious design techniques to achieve warm, functional spaces.


We believe that any sort of renewal process needs to be right for you, empowering and executed with good energy. This is the Sunshine way. Our Approach to renovations harnesses that energy to create a holistic, harmonious, refreshing and pleasant process.


Establishing a respectful work environment, empowering people around us, and showing appreciation, while maintaining a high professional standard.


The opportunity to create the right spaces for each unique client, fulfilling their dream and vision. 

Shana Cohen 
Founder and managing partner

Shana Cohen

Founder & Managing partner
Design director

It is art form to take a dream and vision and bring them to life. Developing a design concept inspired by those dreams is Shanas' expertise. Each project requires a deep understanding of the desired vision and taste, necessary functions and the given budget and so much more. All of these factors, combined with many years of experience and know–how of design and construction field, contributes to the creation of a unique-tailor made outcome.


Shana welcomes each client with a sense of excitement, seeing that the process they are about to embark on, is life changing. A renovation can be an empowering experience and she enhances that feeling by being present, focused and thoughtful.


Shana believes that spaces can be miraculous elements. They have the ability to improve your day to day by being supportive, enhancing healthy habits, wellness, gatherings, moods and relationships.

Hodaya Rosenson
Managing partner

Hodaya Rosenson

Managing partner

Operation Director

To be able to achieve the end goal, each unique project, needs a dream team. One of Hodaya's expertise is to assemble those hand-picked professionals and create just that. Under her supervision they work as a one unit with one single goal in mind, bringing our clients vision to life.  

Hodaya is practical, organized, attentive and has a keen eye for detail, these qualities enable her to manage the many complex aspects of what a renovation entails.

Diagnosing each individuals' vision as well as their specific functional needs, is where she finds the magic of space planning. The transformation from words and lists to a layout which is well balanced, functional and unique, is not only what she excels at but also what she is passionate about creating.


One of Hodaya's go to sentences is "Big journeys begin with small planned steps".

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