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Residential Projects

A renovation process that feels like sunshine from A-Z.

Your style, needs and budget is taken into account, celebrated and respected all whilst going through an empowering and calm renovation.

We guide you through this whole process where we as designers wear many hats.

We start off strategizing with you about your, goals, dreams, timeframe and budget.

We manage the whole project representing you, your vision and  best interest with all contractors and suppliers.  

We provide all necessary architectural plans that have been previously approved by you.

We also accompany you throughout all the material and design decisions, in accordance to your vision and needs.

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“I would never have been able to create such a perfect environment
without Sunshine's calm and supportive assistance“

Mandy Nurek

“The whole rennovation process was easy, professional, and a pleasure to go through and the outcome was outstanding.”

D. Schnall

”They introduced me to new ideas and new innovations that i didn't even knew exsisted in the market, and they gave me the confidence to make the right decisions for me and my family.”

Shari Feldman

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