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A renovation process that feels like sunshine from A-Z.

Your style, needs and budget are all taken into account, celebrated and respected to guide you through an enjoyable, empowering and calm renovation.

We manage the whole project representing you, your vision and best interest with all contractors and suppliers.


We provide all necessary architectural plans and accompany you throughout all the material and design decisions, helping you make the best use of your space and creating a cohesive, beautiful and functional home.

01/ Plans and infrastructure

Included is up to three options of floor plans and together we’ll finalize all infrastructure (heating & cooling), produce the relevant set of plans for: Furniture, Demolishing, Building, Electricity, Lighting, Ceiling, Paint, Air Conditioning, plus elevations of bathrooms and kitchen plans, custom carpentry plans etc.

02/ Design concept

We provide a full home styling program and create a design concept based on your tastes and loves, including color palette. Five full days of choosing and professional help with all the materials, furniture and finishes in your home.

03/ Managing 

We will proactively liaise with the suppliers and contractors and create a detailed budget sheet which will keep the project within your financial boundaries. An important factor is building a timetable so that everyone stays on time and you can look forward to moving in! 

Our services include up to 8 site visits. 

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