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Allow us to create the perfect environment for your workspace and employees, encouraging productivity and efficiency while representing your brand, business values and your professional expertise.

Understanding your company, office routine, services and needs, we can begin to build a design concept unique to you, one that meets the functional needs of your business.


We believe that work space has an influence on the productivity, creativity & motivation of the people working in that atmosphere so we take a holistic approach to office renovations. 


We provide a fully managed transformation to ensure that renovations are completed in a quick time-frame and you can get back to work in your brand new office.

01/ Concept and characterization

First we’ll work to understand the way the company needs to function, through an employee questionnaire and then create a design concept taking into account the company values, and representative approach.

02/ Plans and infrastructure

Our service includes up to three options of floor plans, along with making decisions on all infrastructure (heating & cooling). We’ll produce a set of plans to include: Furniture, Demolishing, Building, Electricity, Lighting, Ceiling, Paint, Air condition, elevations of bathrooms and kitchen plans. 

We’ll also design and plan any unique pieces or custom carpentry.

03/ Design features

We’ll present you with choices for materials, finishes and furniture that fits both concept and budget as well as  choosing accessories and plants to enrich the spaces.

04/ Managing

We’ll create budget evaluations and get quotes for the needed items before building a time frame and plan of action for all of the professionals involved in the renovation to ensure everyone is prepared to complete the renovation quickly, efficiently and properly. We will make site visits to ensure everything is in hand. We also involve any necessary consultants  for your safety and benefit.

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