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A Home Design & Renovation Planning session to help you create your dream home.

This session starts with an introductory phone call to start to understand your vision for your home, then we send you a short questionnaire to answer and you’ll send us any relevant plans, or pictures that may help us prepare for our meeting.

During our 2 hour meeting, we’ll work together to help you understand the renovation and design process as well as make recommendations for where’s best to invest and where you can save.

We’ll create a realistic timeframe, budget and start to look at color palettes and styles to help you narrow down on your vision.


As part of this session, you will receive a list of relevant suppliers, have a clearer vision for home based on your style and taste, a budget estimate, and a step-by-step strategy on how best you could move ahead in the direction of your dream home. 

A Sunshine Session includes


Diagnostic analysis of your needs, dreams and style.  current issues, limitations, vital information


Design concept; navigating and finding your style and visions. Choosing color palettes, delivery of 4 color samples


Create a plan of action, budget evaluation, provide a list of relevant suppliers and shops. Follow up email and advice for a week.

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