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front door facing a hallway with wall paper so it makes it a piece!

Front door | Tip

Your front door is the entrance to your home.

It’s the first impression people have of you even before you have opened it. A good Front door or Front entrance makes others feel more comfortable walking in.


When you are looking for someone's house and you have trouble finding it, it creates an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Sometimes you go up an extra flight of stairs, or you are not sure that you'r even in the right building. By the time you think you have found it, knocked on the door and have eventually reached the right place, you tend to feel frazzled. And what may follow is an insecure guest whose entrance to your home was confusing.


Make others feel confident, coming into your home.

You'd be surprised what an effect it has on the whole atmosphere.


Sunshine Essentials:

• Have your number house/ apartment visible.

• Buy or make a sign with your name on it

• Make sure your entrance way is clear of mess and clutter.

• Give your front door some character, with wallpaper, paint, a side plant, or a brand new front door.

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