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The dust in your Home

What to know about the dust in your Israel home

We live in a Mediterranean desert environment and dust is a big part of that. There's no fighting it and no ignoring it. It’s like someone living in Antarctica and saying 'why is there so much snow?'  When you take climate, terrain, and location into account, you have your answer.

How can you minimize the dust, or work with it?

Here are a few main issues with the dust, being aware of this issue is to empower yourself with the right choices in materials. 


These are the three biggest issues when it comes to the dust in your home.

  1. Carpets: “Why can't I have carpet in my house, like I had overseas?!’ I hear you cry.… there is a reason that Israelis don’t have wall to wall carpet. Its just not practical. What ends up happening in carpets is that even if you clean them often, you can never completely get rid of all of the dust that get stuck in the tiny fibres, leaving them to sit and accumulate. Especially in a dessert climate… therefore we have tiles, parquet, wood floors and yes, an area rug here and there, that you can vacuum, take outside to air or clean/wash properly.

  2. Niches, half walls: The other issue is dry wall, known as ‘Geves’ here. If you have a half wall or built in niche the dust reaches this too and at some point it gets really hard to clean off, you cant just wipe it. This is why in those places its best to put it a piece of glass, cover it with marble/ wood or another easy to clean surface.

  3. Lighting:  when choosing lighting fixtures, take the dust into account. Do you see yourself getting on a chair once in a while to take apart the fixture and clean it out… if that is not you, make sure your lighting fixture is properly sealed. If it’s an open chandelier or hanging piece just don’t forget to dust it once in a while.

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