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What is it about greenery, that makes us feel so good?

The ability to breathe easier? Smile more? Feel more at ease?

Not only this, but did you know that hospital patients with windows and plants have a better recovery time.


Did you know that plants help us concentrate and feel positive? 

And did you know that plants improve our sleep and boost our immune system?

So much research has gone into how plantlife affects us. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why.... (besides for the rich oxygen they creates for us to breathe)


The one word answer is BIOPHILIA.

Its a humans predisposition to love plants, and our tendancy to prefer natural enviroments. We gravitate towards nature so much so, it highly affects our subconscious and body as a whole.


So go green or greener!!

Its a matter of health, not just aesthetics.

Surround yourself with plants to better your quality of life.

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