Its all about you!

Lets talk about you.

Yes you, in your home, do you have a space that is just yours?

Im not talking about a drawer or closet, I talking about a space that when you need to, its there.

Recently I was on the phone with an overseas client and we were going over her plans and she said to me "I need a space or niche in my bedroom which is not my bed that is my space that I can escape to".

Wow I thought, how empowered is she, that she knows exactly what she needs to be a good mom.


The truth is that not everybody needs that in their bedroom, but in all honesty I think we may all need some sort of space that is away from the halabalu of day to day family life. Whether it’s a space on your balcony, living room or even in your bathroom.


It’s a great idea to be intouch with yourself and think about what your individual needs are, be kind to yourself and in turn, you will be met with kindness.

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